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    American Reaper Arms Billet M4/AR15


    It seems like every time you turn around there is another lower receiver coming to the market. After seeing hundreds of revisions it starts to feel like you have seen it all. In a time when every manufacture seems to have a billet offering with an ambidextrous bolt catch, the latest tensioning bolt, the greatest coating or whatever else the flavor of the week is, it is amazing that a small company like American Reaper Arms can come up with a product that stands out. Before we get into the meat of this review lets first look at a few of the requirements that are somewhat unique to a larger bore build such as .458 SOCOM or .50 Beowulf.

    American Reaper Arms Lower
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    Before starting any build you want to assure you have a receiver that is within spec. Being in spec is by the far the most important factor. Next you should address strength. A billet 7075 lower will give you a solid platform to work with. So now what? If you are doing a large bore project, you probably do not want a lower that says 5.56mm so you need a multi lower. All of this is easy enough to find. Now start throwing in some less common features. An ambidextrous bolt catch, an integrated trigger guard, how about a flared magazine well. All of those features can be found on the more common Mega Arms receivers.

    Ambi bolt release
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    By now you are probably thinking if Mega Arms has all these features why not just use them? For one I do not care for vertical foregrips as I have said before, and do not like to have my hand on the magazine during operation at all. The American Reaper Arms lower stands out as having an extended magazine well. This leaves you more than enough room to use the well as a grip without worrying about interfering with the magazine.

    upper to lower tension screw
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    The next great feature is the use of hex bolts instead of split pins for the bolt catch. Talk to anyone who has built a few ARs and they can tell you how many receivers they have scratched trying to hammer in the bolt catch pin. Even with tape and a pin holder, this step makes even a seasoned armorer cringe. All these features add up to a lot of potential..... on paper. The true test of this receiver will be long term, and to a lesser extent in the build up phase. Those reviews will be a lot more telling than this initial impression review.

    hex screws not split pins
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    So in summation, you need to check back from time to time for the follow up reviews. The true measure of any tool is how it preforms and how well it lasts, not how well it looks out of the box. There is now denying presentation will go a long way but it stops at the door.

    painted select fire group
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    I never feel write about doing a review without finding at least one negative. After all nothing is perfect right? That said H&K style painted selection indicators would have been nice. Easy enough fix through, and hopefully the only thing that keeps this receiver from being perfect. Click here for instructions on how to color fill your AR15 lower.

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