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    Ardel Engineering AR-15 Lower


    The debate is endless as to which company builds the best lower receiver. Some say Mega, other will say ARA. With all the high end billet receivers coming onto the market, there are just as many entry level products. At under a hundred dollars, there has been some interest in the Ardel Engineering (AE) lower. A quick search of the internet and you can find a few reviews. Most of the reviews I found however were mixed. For this reason I wanted to do a review on one myself.

    Ardel Engineering AE lower receiver
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    In the image above you can see the AE lower built up with pretty standard parts. We did opt to color fill the fire markings. If you are interested in doing the same, you can find a guide here: Color Fill DIY. At first glance, everything seems pretty typical. Before building the receiver out, we did take the time and check all the specs. All the holes and channels for the fire control group were within 0.003", which is more than tight enough tolerance. The take down pins were a very tight fit and are still stiff but this is what you want. From the function standpoint we encountered no issues.

    milling and spec
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    The outside and finish were a different story. In several places there were machining burs left behind. When removed these burs leave metal showing. This is easy to fix with touchup, but obviously not ideal. If you look close at the image below you can see a few of these burs. You will also notice that the machining is not smooth. While this has no effect on performance, it can be annoying.

    Burrs and rough maching work
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    All and all, I would still consider one of these lowers for a budget build, if I could get it for 50-60 dollars. If you are paying more than that, there are better options out there.

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