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    Magpul UBR Gen 1 Collapsible Stock


    If you follow Magpul products at all, you have no doubt heard about their UBR collapsible stock. A striking feature you will notice right off about this stock is the fact the bottom portion is the sliding portion. A few other note worthy features are its sling attachments, storage compartment, solid feel, and its equally solid price tag. With a retail price of just under $300 dollars shipped, if you shop around you can find it in stock and under $250 shipped from places such as Optical Soultions. You will see people all over the web asking, "is it worth it?".


    Magpul UBS Stock And Strike Plate
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    At first glance the stock seems pretty basic. 7 positions, a storage compartment, and a release lever. However as you start to look closer you will notice this stock has several subtle features. One of the features I liked was the ability to remove the storage compartment. As a personal preference, I like having an open skeletonized stock. For those who are interested in using it, there is enough room for 123 batteries or an extra firing pin.

    UBR Stock with storage compartment for AR15
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    Slide the stock out of its collapsed position, and you will immediately notice that it is the bottom portion that slides not the top. While it is novel, it also serves a real purpose. No more pulled beards, or pinched skin. In addition the weapon points and feels much more like the traditional A1/A2 stock. Another nice feature is the fact the stock can be set up to have presets. Setting the preset length is as simple as moving a set screw.

    Stock opened up
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    The locking mechanism shown below is impressive in its own right. While it takes some getting used to, the system is incredibly strong and locks up very tight. This is something that is critically important when firing the over sized calibers such as .450, .458 SOCOM, or .50 Beowulf. In the image below you can also seethe forward ambidextrous quick release.

    locking mech detents on ubs stock
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    A common upgrade to the UBR is the aluminum strike plate. Shown below is the upgraded plate with the stock sling mount shown above it. Worth a mention is that the stock sling plate is actually some form of polymer, not actually alloy like the upgraded piece.

    strike plate vs standard sling mount
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    For all of the great features there are some draw backs. The stock is very heavy at 1.72 pounds on my scales. This is over twice the weight of some other stocks out there. On a large bore build, one can argue that this helps with the balance. No matter how you cut it though, this is a heavy stock. In traditional Magpul style there is a flat head screw on the extension tube. I have complained about this in other reviews of Magpul products and it still bothers me. Having said that the stock is very well built. All the screws you ever need to change the configuration are included.

    URB stock from Magpul with storage doors off and opional strike plate
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    So back to the question at hand. Is it worth it? For a big bore high end build, without a doubt. For a low drag fast CQB weapon, I would probably look else where. That said stay tuned for an update one how this works coupled with a 5.7x28 SBR upper. For discussion or questions on this stock see: Magpul UBR Stock Review.




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