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    Magpul UBR Gen II

    Magpul has long been one of the go-to suppliers for furniture for almost any AR or AK build. With the UBR stock recently discontinued, fans have been waiting for the replacement UBR GEN-II. Before jumping into this review, lets go over a few of the reasons you may be considering this stock. For us, the reason the UBR has always been at the top of the list is its strength. This stock is beyond rigid. In addition it is also one of the heavier stocks out there. While this may be a draw back for a pencil build 5.56, this is perfect for helping to balance the weight on something like an AR shotgun or .50 Beowulf. Being completely free from any rattle also helps instill extra confidence in the sometimes intimidating larger calibers. For those of you who like a little junk in the trunk, the UBR has a storage compartment large enough for a few batteries, shell extractor, and NFA paper work. Personally I find these to be an annoyance, so thankfully on both the GEN I and GEN II the doors can be removed. Both versions do require that you use the UBR proprietary buffer tube which is included.

    So with that out of the way lets take a look at the new UBR GEN II. I will start out by saying this. I usually like Magpul products and may be slightly bias. With the exception of PMAGs and a few of the low end BUIS, I usually recommend Magpul. Waiting several months for this stock gave us something to look forward to. That said, everyone here feels like the GEN II UBR is a step backwards in every way except for price and weight.

    ubr_magpul_stock.jpgClick Image For Larger View

    With everything installed, you will notice a few differences right away. First is the length of pull (LOP) which is increased by 0.48". This is to accommodate what I refer to as the goofy ass A5 buffer system. This is just me, but I feel that if your weapon is not over gassed there is no need for the A5 system. If it is over gassed, or you shoot suppressed, that a pinned adjustable gas block is a much better solution. Rant done and moving along. For those of use familiar with the UBR GEN I, we know that the next step is to set the "memory" to your preferred position. For me this was collapsed with armour, and position 3 without. When you go to do this on the GEN II, you will notice some changes. These changes are, you are SOL. So longer LOP, specialized tools, and no memory. Well, at least it is a few dollars cheaper? With sling attachment points pretty much the same as the original, you can now turn your attention to attaching your preferred sling. If you want, you can take this time to upgrade the strike face to a metal one for a more secure sling mounting point... wait. No you cannot. They removed that also. 

    The big question is how does it preform. Like the previous version, this stock is a tank. It helps balance front heavy weapons, and all while being totally silent. It is a great stock, and we do recommend it with a caveat. That caveat being, get the GEN I if you can find it. Maybe others will have a difference option. If so let us know in the UBR Discussion Topic.

    ubr_magpul_stock1.jpgClick Image For Larger View Of GEN I vs GEN II

    Right out of the box the UBR II was less user friendly than its predecessor. For the first time in ages reading the instruction manual became a necessity. The GEN II requires special tools to install. To Magpuls credit they are included. OK, so it requires a little reading. Nothing wrong with technology and continued education. One of the specialized tool is what I am going to call the fat rabbit for giggles. To install the stock you start by removing the stock itself from the buffer tube. This is done in the pretty typical way or moving it all the way reward then depressing the latch at the front while pulling back. OK, so far so good. Then you need to use the fat rabbit (shown at bottom) to pry the cheek piece off the tube. So there is something new. With those two pieces out of the way, the tube installs in the usual manor. Well, almost. You do need a special adapter on your armour's wrench, which is included.


    Click Image For Larger View Of Fat Rabbit Stock Tool

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