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    Satern Machining M4/AR15 A3 Uppers


    Satern Machining has been in business for several decades. In that time I have seen their products sold every from Midway to eBay. They have been a long respected company and at one point was even licensed by Alexander Arms to make .50 Beowulf barrels. They currently still produce upper receivers that are specifically build to support larger calibers such as .450 Bushmaster, .458 Socom, .50 Beowulf. If you are are building one of these rifles and are not using an A2 or billet upper, this is hands down the way to go.

    Satern Upper Receiver
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    Satern mills out the ejection port to 16mm, or just under 3mm wider than a stock receiver. This is more than large enough to eject even .50 brass with no marks to the casings. Unlike some manufactures, Satern removes most of the material from the bottom of the ejection port. This has both pros and cons. The nice thing about this method is that is preserves more area of the bearing area of the bolt. The down side it this makes it necessary to buy a specialty dust port cover such as: Steves Custom Dustcovers.

    Satern larger ejection port upper
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    Satern finishes the receivers with a Teflon anodized finish. It is a dark gray color and slick enough to make cleaning it very easy. The upper seems to be tight on forged lower receivers, but did have some movement on my billet receivers. I have seen this before and is somewhat common, which is why receivers like ARA and Mega usually have tension screws.

    refinished in teflon
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    My one complaint about Satern is their communication. It can take weeks to complete an order or get a question answered. On my most recent order I asked if they had an A2 option upper receiver. I was told yes, and confirmed twice via email before ordering. What I received was an A3 upper. After 3 more emails I was told they do not make an A2 upper. They were very nice, and returns to them are always seamless, but the process can be frustrating. For these reasons I often advise people to get Satern items off of Midway or Gunbroker and avoid all the headache. All in all this is a great product for those trying to build from scratch. Even with the frustration it is still faster than waiting on Rock River Arms.


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