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    Side Charge MKA 1919 Forearm From Tooth And Nail


    If you own an Akdal MKA 1919, you know from the factory you have limited accessory mounting options. Personally I am not a huge fan of rails on shotguns, but I do love the ability to weak side charge. Anyone looking to modify these shotguns has undoubtedly stumbled across Tooth And Nail Armory (T&N). This is who made the piece we will be reviewing today. For the reasons stated above, we opted for the "Level 10 Rail" which has the side charge handle installed. A quick visit to their site and eight days later we had the part in hand. When ordering there are a ton of options for configuration. Because we were not looking to add any additional accessories at this time, we ordered the basic 12" forend. In the box, you will find the forend, adapter plate, o-ring, and very basic instructions. When we say "basic" we mean it. Thankfully this install takes less than five minutes and is not rocket-science.

    Side Charge MKA 1919 Shotgun
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    Installation should take less than five minutes with common tools. Start by removing the 4mm allen bolts on the front sight. To avoid marring the finish, splay the mounting tabs of the sight apart gently as you lift off the sight. There are flats machined into the barrel so avoid twisting as you lift it off. Now, remove the forend nut highlighted below in yellow. As you move the the forward band off, the clam-shell hand-guards will fall off. Set those aside, and lift off the hand-guard base plate, what would be the delta ring on a M4.

    Akdal MKA 1919 Gen 2 Match Take DownClick Image To Enlarge

    With the stock parts removed, slide the T&N base plate over the barrel with the narrower portion facing away from the receiver. With a little bit of pressure it will press into place and become flush with the upper receiver. If you cannot get it all the way flush, do not worry. When you tighten the forend on, it will press into place. Now lower the new forend over the barrel and guide rod assuring that the flange on the base plate slides into the forend. Before reinstalling the secure nut, make sure to slide the provided o-ring over it. Tighten the secure nut until the forend no longer has excess movement in it. Worth noting is there will always be a small amount of play in the forarm if you apply enough force. If you are anal, like we are, you can install a sling mount between the upper and the rail. That will fix the problem.

    MKA 1919 Gas SystemClick Image To Enlarge



    Tooth and Nail Armory Level 10 Forearm
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    The build quality of the forend is extremely robust. It achieves a nice balance between being so light it feels weak, and having so much mass it feels unrefined. Tolerances across the entire forend were very good. The finish is what I would consider average at best. With a retail over $200.00 there is room for improvement here. If you look at the photo above you can see where the charge handle had what looks like smut on it prior to finishing. The logo which is supposed to be engraved, was also not touched off properly prior to engraving. Instead of an angry dog, it ended up looking more like an acid spill after anodizing. That said, we will probably duracoat the rail once we are happy with everything on the weapon. So with that out of the way, lets take a look at the fit and install.

    MKA Tooth and Nail Armory Forearm Fit
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    There are a few comments on the internet about excess gap between the receiver and rail. This was an issue on the earlier XN guns, and appears to be fixed on the Match Gen II weapons. In the photo above you can see there is no gap. The forend does not however match the taper of the upper. While this would add some machining cost, it would be a nice touch on the next generation of rails. The same goes for at the bottom where the receiver is radiused. Matching the two parts would be an excellent touch.

    MKA 1919 12ga Tooth And Nail Gap
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    The open design of the forend will allow everything to run cooler, however it does expose the gas system to more debris. For 3-Gun this is not an issue, however is not ideal if you plan to service the weapon. That said, the side charge makes a huge difference charging the weapon or clearing it. As far as speed on reloads, I do not think it makes a difference one way or another. Overall the T&N rail is slightly narrower and slightly taller than the OEM grip. Depending on your stance and size of your hands, this can be a pro or a con. With this rail, removal of the A2 front sight is required for general cleaning. If you like having back up iron sights, this can be a problem. It is however a problem easy enough to fix with a rail mounted A2 sight. The weapon is more than long enough to still give you a long enough sight radius especially for a shotgun. For the OCD crowd, there is also a little lateral play. This can be addressed, and I will talk about it in the discussion topic below. So in summations is this a worthwhile upgrade? Absolutely! The feel of the weapons and over all function is improved greatly. So if you are on the fence, stop waiting. Take the plunge and give this rail a shot.


    Did we get something wrong? It does happen. Let us know is the Side Charge Rail Discussion Topic.


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