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    Steve's Custom Dust Covers

    Steves Custom Dust Covers
    Steve's Custom Dust Covers. Opening up a world of custom to your AR-15 rifle

    custom ar 15 dust cover
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    With laser etching more and more common, there is a while new world of customization opening up for the AR15/M4 world. Dust covers! If you want to dress your project up a little, all you have to do is contact Steve's Custom Covers and a few days later pretty much anything you can dream up will show up at your door. He offers options for just the cover, or a kit which includes a new spring, rod, and c-clip.

    enlarged custom dust cover for ar15
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    How can this get any better? He even offers an option for enlarged port doors for your .458 SOCOM or Beowulf project. No more looking an an incomplete weapon. For just a few extra dollars he can take your custom idea and put it on an enlarged door for your big bore build. After ordering a couple of these, I have always received my item in well under a week.

    compare .458 socom dust cover to 5.56
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    In the above image you can clearly see the size difference between the .50/.458 dust cover and the standard M4 5.56 cover. The larger cover really completes the look of the AA uppers which are often sold sans dust cover. If you opt to customize it, it will take on a subtle role once you get some oil applied to it. The fact that we have ordered several covers from Steve should show you how pleased we are. The covers even come with complete instructions, not that there is much to it, but it is a nice touch.

    .50 beowulf dust cover installed
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    Here at Big Bore, we have moved past zombies. We are on to super zombies (draugr). Leave the zombies to the 5.56 and 6.8spc guys. They have to have some fun too. For more information see the pricing chart below. For ordering information contact Big Bore AR.
      Cover Alone Full Kit
    5.56mm Cover $19.00 $24.00
    .50/.458 Plain Cover $26.00 $31.00
    .50/.458 Custom Cover -- $36.00

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      cold blooded dust cover  
      6.5 grendel dust cover  

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