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    TRUGLO Tritium Fiber Optic Pistol Sights


    Every couple years you should go through your tritium sights and see which ones need replaced. From experience 10 years seems to be about right. Officially pure tritium has a half-life of just over 12 years, but most of the night sights we have experience with decay perceivably faster. After much experience with both Trijicon and Meprolight we took a look at Truglo. Truglo (trueglow) comes in at about the same price as any other brand. You can find Truglo sights here for around $60.00. The added feature of Truglo over its competitors is that it also features a fiber optic dot for day time use.

    Truglo Brite Sights Tritium sights
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    Right out of the package you will see a few major differences with Truglo. Most obvious is the much larger form factor. In the case of the Sig P239 the front sight was over 26mm long. The rear sight also uses a hex screw for added security. I am not sure this features is needed, but I suggest a dab of loc-tight on the set screw to keep it in place. The next thing you will notice is that in daylight the Truglo sights are indeed much brighter. Usually sight installation consists of tapping out the old sights with a punch from right to left then reinstalling the new sights from the other direction. Truglo does not recommend the use of a hammer and punch and instead urges you to use a sight pusher. That said I have installed these on occasion with a hammer and punch and had no issues as long as care is taken.



    Truglo vs meprolight vs trijicon
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    In the above photo you can see a 10 year old set of Meprolights on the left next to a new set of Truglo sights in the middle. On the right are a set of factory Sig P238 sights on a 6 month old fire arm. There is a clear difference between the old sights and new. As claimed the Truglo sights are brighter than factory or Meprolight sights. My only concern is how durable are they. I will follow up with any issues, but as of right now they seem to be very robust.So all in all I say this is a good investment if you want brighter sights. For more information of questions see the TruGlow discussion topic.



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