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    Yankee Hill Machining YHM Diamond Quad Rail


    With the plethora of rails on the market it is easy to get lost in all of the hype. What it really boils down to is, what are your requirements and are you planning to install it yourself? For a free float system plan on spending $100-$300 dollars. The difference in price depends on what brand you opt for and how much you shop around. While LaRue Tactical hands down makes one of the nicest rails out there, there are deals out there to be had for much less. Enter the Yankee Hill Machining Diamond Series. For the best price on this rail see: JSE Surplus if they do not have it in stock the best best place I have found is here: Diamond YHM Rail.

    Yankee Hill Maching Diamond Rail
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    At 12.7oz it comes in a hair heavier than the claimed weight of the same sized LaRue rail. Having said that, they do make a lightweight option and the LaRue rail we weighed was a full oz over its claimed weight. In a .458/.50 build strength should be of higher importance than weight anyways. The optional end cap shown above is another reason we often opt for this rail. At only a few dollars extra is provides a finished look other systems lack. Installation of the rail requires no special considerations (except the optional end cap) and can be completed with standard tools and an armorers wrench. 

    Yankeel Hill quad rail and end cap
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    As with any good deal there is a small catch to this rail. While the finish is well above average, it is not quite on par with some of the more expensive rails. As seen above burs are somewhat common, but easy to fix. A small wooden dowel can be used to rub down any such burrs while having little to no effect on the rail or its finish. The only other annoyance I found with this rail is the lack of filler screws for the un-used sling mounts. With a somewhat odd 5/16 x 32 thread pitch these are not easy to find. I would advise ordering them with your rail.

    Quad rail on alexander arms a2 .50 beowulf
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    While all uppers are slightly different, I had no issues installing the rail very little gap between the top receiver. With plastigauge it was measure at .0011 which is more than acceptable. At half the cost as other solutions, the only issues is has can be corrected for a few dollars, and ten minutes of your time. With all of this said, I cannot ever see buying a different rail.


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