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    FN Herstal FN Five-Seven 5.7mm Pistol


    If you are loading out with a large bore rifle, chances are you are already carrying as much weight as you want to. This is where a small caliber PDW or sidearm comes in nice. FN Herstal realized this niche and produced the 5.7x28mm Five Seven pistol. With a magazine capacity of 20 rounds and a loaded weight lighter than that of a polymer H&K it is no wonder so many agencies have picked it up on their approved list. The FN Five Seven has achieved almost mythical status due to its prominence in video games as well as several exaggerated claims of armor piercing ability of the SS190 round. With all of this attention, long term does this weapon live up to the hype?


    FN Five Seven Pistol
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    In a word. Yes! After over 2000 rounds this weapon has not suffered from a single malfunction. No FTEs, no FTFs, no jams. SS190, SS192, SS197, SS195 it does not seem to matter. Just a little CLP and TW25B and it purrs like a kitten. Even with its light weight, the pistol is a joy to shoot. Recoil is less than a 9mm, and the report is a nice satisfying crack. 20 round magazine seem like a cowboy load. A recent first time shooter described shooting the Five-Seven as, "like popping Pez".

    FN 5.7mm x 28 Pistol and SS190
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    As far as complaints, my largest is the internal disconnect is the magazine is not inserted. I have heard pros and cons for the magazine disconnect, but I am firmly in the "No Want" camp especially when there is no external hammer. Despite contrary beliefs the FN is not striker fire. If you strip it you can clearly see there is an internal drop hammer as seen below. Unlike some other FN weapons, the entire trigger assembly in the Five-Seven is alloy. Everything on the weapon just says quality. While a poly bore threaded barrel would be nice, I guess we cannot have everything. At least not from the factory. There are barrels out there like the Jarvis, but that is for another review.

    Field stripped FN 5-7
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    At 25 meters the groups tend to stay under 3" which is above average for an out of the box setup. Not sure its worth a mention, but every magazine tends to throw one flier for me. Seem to be random, but I seem to always have a 3" group then one outcast 2-3" out side of the others. That said the Five-Seven is light enough that I could be pulling my shot and not realizing it. Again follow ups are very quick as there is almost no recoil or muzzele flip at all.




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