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    Hmmm pointy gun finger or did you shape your pop tart at lunch time by nibbling it into the shape of a gun?
  2. Its about time to get control of this.

    Hmmm,, I want more semi autos in my safe. there is something like 2800 gun laws on the books in 50 states and federal law. decipher those first. and apply them. only way your going to get what you want is if you confiscate and destroy every single fireamr on the planet. and then still again more, the only people that will have them are the evil ones the crooks the liars and the psychos. the guns that are registerd are done so by law abiding citizens. they can be racked downm and their doors kicked in during confiscation. the crook laffs next door and sits on his weapons in his bedroom. Cuz no one knows he has em. pretty simple logic.
  3. Its about time to get control of this.

    LOL MIke. You must have movie fanaties of what shootouts are really like. I carry my pisotl to the movies now. 1 in the chamber, 17 in the magazine, and another 17 rounder on the belt. You would destroy a whole industry, and any one who competes in semi auto shooting. Hell you just killed skeet and trap, which requires 25 rounds. And to get good enough with a rifle or shotgun to drop a deer at 300 yrds with one bullet humanely, you need hundreds if not thousnads of rounds of practice.. Shit my boy, it takes 25 rounds to zero a set of sights or a scope. Youd just have a bunch of untrained idiots wqith inacurate rifles, maiming and losing animals in the woods. Read up on attacks by drug addicts and drunks. SOme of these took 5+ rounds to drop the freak. Once again you would disarm law abiding citizens and leave them at the mercy of criminals that have unlimited resources and opportunities. All legal machine guns are registerd with the BATFE, and are extremely expensive to own. They require a $200 tax stamp with fingerprints and photos of the purchaser. That doosh in Colorado did not have a full auto weapon. Get your facts and do some research before you blurt out babble in the classroom. Government dependant sheep think with their hearts and are influenced by factless based propganda, Legal gun owners think with their brains. The cops are gonna protect me Mike? They get there 5 minutes after my wife gets raped, or i get assaulted on the street. I'll take my chances with my training,skill and situational awareness. Oh and Trevon Martin assaulted Zimmerman. Zimmermans life was in danger, his head being pounded on concrete. YOu and others of the leftis persuasion were judge jury and hangman, convicting Zimmerman in the court of public opinion. You are responsivble for taintng the jury pool so his civil rights have been violated. Martin should have stopped and called the cops if he felt endangerd. More factless propoganda. You are smarter than that. I'll give you Draconian all right.
  4. So much win

    Damn it! Thats ridiculous! I'm happy to get 9mm for 20 cents a round.
  5. So much win

    You're paying $5 to shoot how much .45? Best I can find is about 0.25 / rnd. You have to send me some samples...
  6. All guns?

    The next issue is the conviction of the alleged shooter by the hippy press. MSNBC has allowed Rev Al to incite mayhem, if this case gets tossed. The Fat Bastard revels in this kind of issue, he has no cause celeb without it. He has no identity with out it. Jesse Jackson soon to follow I suspect. CNN is no better. And no one yet knows all the facts of this thing. NO ONE. Will NBC take responsibility if this thing doesn't go 'their way', and this turns into a Rodney King deal with billions in property damage (all to the infrastructure that supports the community they live in) , and 58 innocent dead? How bout these dooshes shut the fuck up and let the Special Prosecutor do her job? How about not tainting the jury pool? Zimmerman still has rights, or you better hope so.
  7. So much win

    Yeah Mike, don't you know your cypers and guzintas? The saying goes in the shooting world, when you can't decide which pistol to get BUY BOTH. Done and done. WIcked cool if not practical. Plus expensive to shoot, .45 ACP aint cheap. Awesome zombie killer from a well dug in defensive position, but not for carry. Crazy Joseph Mengele mad scientist guy or what?
  8. All guns?

    what took you so long. I was waiting for you.... the guy stalked the kid and broke all the applicable laws. He ignored police orders to not follow him. He would have beat him with a baseball bat instead. Or his $4000 field grade Bianchi pheasant gun. Or stabbed him with a steak knife. This was gonna happen without the gun. Maybe the guy never should havebeen allowed to get a handgun. I'm sure we will here more about the minutiae of this case in the comoing weeks. Very sad. I am mortified this guy has not been prosecuted. I AM OUTRAGED BY THE RESAPNSE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THIS CASE. The sheriff has resigned also. But 20 kids got shot this week by illegal means in inner cities and no one is protesting about it. ANd he was not a little boy, you make it sound like he was 9 yrs old. Chuck told you I'd be Draconian.
  9. The END of RUSH?

    I'm on the road near Birmingham Alabama! Like it here, relatively cosmopolitan. KKK still exists? They are as relevant as the Taliban but not as inteligent. No problem finding gun owners and hog hunters here. But there is a Panera Bread doen the road from my hotel, kinda wierd. No Klan sightings as of yet. ONe of the guys at the coal plant deer hunts with a 7mm-06, never heard of it, 7mm round necked down to a 30-06 cartridge, or visa versa I guess. Oh snap! I'm kinda outta touch here, Mahr called Palin a 3unt then donated a $1,000,000 to the Obama campaign? He's a mysoginist hypocrite. ANd where the hell is NOW or other womens rights groups to condemn this foul mouthed aninmal? More hypocrisy. Obama has been to 191 fundraisers, Bush had done 130ish at this time in his first term. Now, if he's so damn good and righteous, why does he need $300,000,000 for his re-election? Why cant he run on the merits of his first four years? If he did such a good job, shouldn't he get elected in a landslide? I know the answer but I'm not gonna ruin it for you!
  10. The END of RUSH?

    Bill Maher? Low hanging fruit? Do you consider those 'attacks' on Maher dispicable and persoanlly insulting? Do they go after him with subliminal racism. Mahr puts himself out there with disgusting patronizing satire that preaches to like minded koolaid drinkers of the Limousine left. Stiil not reading me, but thats the way it will be untill the end of time...the gap is wide and widening, no middle ground permited. What some consider to be the far right, used to be the middle ground, and was considered liberal is now widely regarded as Progressive Socialism. SO in my opinion, my 'position has stayed put while the left has ran farther too the left, and I do mean ran. No to sound trite, but you really should read the Saul Alinsky manifesto, compare it to the intent of the left, then read the Constituion, and caompare it tio the intent of the right. I know where I'm setting up my tent. Starr Parker once said, (please read her bio, she's is a amazing and is the defintion of a bootstrapper, [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Parker"]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Parker) [/url] and I paraphrase, " If you were walking down the street, and 5 rough looking men came around the corner, would you be concerned for your well being? What if they cam around the corner and had Bibles in their hands, no how would you feel?" I feel the same about Democrats, but my 5 men are holding the Constitution, with original intent, not the ACLU version. ANd you do know that the KKK was deeply rooted in the Southern Democrats, not the Republican Party? Sen. Byrd from West Virginia, God rest his Grand Dragon soul, and Strom Thurmond before he defected to the Republicans are pretty recent example of the history of the party as it regards racial equality. So if we are a talking' social justice' why don't we go back to the 60 yr "War on Poverty" started by the Dems, LBJ and the and the influence of the whole 60's counter culture on the conditon of this country. Abject failure comes to mind. And the guilt of the lefrtover hippies is so deep they can't let go until ...well I dont think they will ver let go. Rush is a dooshbag, but sometimes he hits outta the park. Bill Mahr never squibs one out of the infield.
  11. The END of RUSH?

    You'll look like Peter Lorre... no he didn t have a moostasch. Rush is sorry, Mike don't you forgive him? I mean arn't liberals supposed to be tolerant? LOLOLO. OMFG I crack me up... what was I thinking. Occupiers calling out Jews as the bane of the Wall street... Creating cartoons of Condalezza Rice as Bushes uncle Tom, and pet chimp...Lying about CLarence Thomas. I'm like an elephant, i dont easily forget hypocritical transgressions of the left. They get so pissed when the right has strong woman, strong minorities. It's almost, no it is, comical and transparent.
  12. The END of RUSH?

    And we could only hope for Somali pirates to attack. That would be some serious fun. You got an M107?
  13. The END of RUSH?

    Oh wait, Clark Gable you say? Grow a pencil moostach and we'll talk.
  14. The END of RUSH?

    Wait, you did mean Rush Limbaugh and NOT Geddy Lee dying? Damn Canadians. Hmmm, I prefer Black Seal , and Capt. Stabbin...
  15. The END of RUSH?

    [quote name='VS762' timestamp='1330985541' post='154'] I would. Along with my new address in the Caymans. [/quote] You will need a captain for your Donzi...I volunteer.