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  2. flyfishing3

    Akdal MKA 1919 Match 3 Gun Build

    Where is the drum?
  3. flyfishing3

    Its about time to get control of this.

    everything i've sited would not stop a law abiding person from having a gun in every pocket. my belief is we need better controls and limits is all. sean, i never said the col. guy used full auto. i said assault nobody needs those period IMO either.
  4. flyfishing3

    Its about time to get control of this.

    i would gladly put the makers of body bags out of work.........
  5. flyfishing3

    Its about time to get control of this.

    you only need 1 bullet to kill a deer. generally, the max you can harvest a year is 3. you only need 1 shell to kill a turkey, I'm ok with 12 here. you only need 1 bullet to kill an intruder, i'll allow for a small team so maybe 6 bullets. if you use your allotted shells, you can buy a few more. now for the people people who want to go to the range, you have to buy your ammo there and its monitored. Ok, i'm for banning all assault weapons so......
  6. Time to bring back the ban's on assault weapons, anything that semi-auto or full auto. time to limit the amount of Ammo a person can have. time to start limiting the amount of ammo that can be sold at any one time. time to start limiting the amount of guns that can be bought at any one time. time to have mental evaluations to get a gun. mandatory waiting times to get a gun. If you are found in possession of a full auto, jail time. None of these touch the second amendment.
  7. the man is keeping guns from my hands IMO
  8. 'ol nicole has a lot of gun nuts in her teritorry.
  9. flyfishing3

    Magpul UBR Review

    is that because in the field, it will easier to use a coin etc?
  10. they just don't care, put it on the LBS wall and be sure to point out.
  11. flyfishing3

    All guns?

    abc doctoring the tapes etc. the press is out of control some i agree. the REV is no longer fat. he actually looks sickly thin. He's lost a ton of weight very quickly. also, either way, this isn't the first time the REV has fired up people and it turning out to be totally false. i do not believe thats the case here, but in the past he's done it. i actually like the REV more than JESSE.
  12. flyfishing3

    All guns?

    this isn't the report i was looking for, but kind of confirms the numbers we were talking about. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2011/jan/13/frank-lautenberg/frank-lautenberg-says-us-has-9500-gun-murders-year/
  13. flyfishing3

    All guns?

    take hand guns out of peoples hands, you would have one more little boy living in FLA.....
  14. flyfishing3

    The END of RUSH?

    personally, McCain had it right in reform for elections. give everybody X from the budget, and thats all you get. let the best man win.