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And so it is as it shall be!!

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It took 6 weeks for my CLEO to get my temp permit, its been 8-12 to most of us here in Little California.

Went to the State Po-leece and paid my last fee (about $300 total), got my mug snapped and my issued permit to carry a pistol or revolver.

After a much research and angst, I have made a purchase, almost surpirsing to me.


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[quote name='VS762' timestamp='1334583486' post='212']
FN makes good weapons. Just wish they would start using metal in the F2000

I did some research, well actually a lot of research. I couldnt go Glock, tho they are good shooting and I may yet own one, but thick and a weird grip angle. SW MP9 was winning, but the trigger and other issues popped up. The man handed me one while I was asking questions, and talking about what I've fired. It felt great right away, I dig all the ambi controls, size and weight. 17+1, with a cocked and locked for carry. It was like a Sig/BHP/1911combo. SO for a few more bucks I got a better made pistol, with capacity, 3 magazines, and a lead into....

you guessed it all ready didnt you? shhhh(5.7), ;)

I'd still like a small single stack for carry, I'm waiting for the Shield to get proved out. I handled one and liked it almost bought the first day it hit the stores, but to my credit I put the money away and went to work looking for a more combat style pistol.

Now I'm looking for holsters both IWB and OWB, doesnt seem like a ton of offerings yet, but I'm hearing SIg holsters and FNP work.

Any favorites?

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I'm looking at the crossbreed super tuck, and DSG Alpha...


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