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Marin Bikes And Warranty Follow Up After 6 Weeks

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As a follow up to:
[url="http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/153337-marin-bike-is-pissing-me-off-after-being-sold-to-an-offshore-company/"]Marin Bikes Does Not Want To Warranty Bike That Cracked[/url]
[url="http://cycnut.com/index/loyalty.html"]Will Your Warranty Be Honored[/url]

After 6 weeks this issue still has not been resolved. Over a week ago I received a call from Barry the Florida rep asking for me to email him some of the emails from earlier which he either did not have access to, or did not have handy. I did this with him on the phone and confirmed that he received them. I was told he would follow up later that day or the next day. I thanked him both there and in an email saying I appreciated his time. 5 days later I still had not heard back, so I called and sent an email. No response to either. 2 more days I sent another email. Still nothing. I doubt that a company like Marin would have someone so unprofessional working for them so I have to assume that there is an issue with the email going through. You would think something like a cracked frame and a letter from the national sales manager saying that one of two frames would be shipped out asap would equal a fast warranty RA.

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I have already done that. Its good for LULZ.

Its not just Marin with poor service though. Its everyone:

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