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Its about time to get control of this.

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Time to bring back the ban's on assault weapons, anything that semi-auto or full auto.

time to limit the amount of Ammo a person can have.

time to start limiting the amount of ammo that can be sold at any one time.

time to start limiting the amount of guns that can be bought at any one time.

time to have mental evaluations to get a gun.

mandatory waiting times to get a gun.

If you are found in possession of a full auto, jail time.

None of these touch the second amendment.

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you only need 1 bullet to kill a deer. generally, the max you can harvest a year is 3.
you only need 1 shell to kill a turkey, I'm ok with 12 here.
you only need 1 bullet to kill an intruder, i'll allow for a small team so maybe 6 bullets.

if you use your allotted shells, you can buy a few more.

now for the people people who want to go to the range, you have to buy your ammo there and its monitored.

Ok, i'm for banning all assault weapons so......

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Hello all new guy to site. Fly,Guy are those your real beliefs if so im just not there for all that you just laid on the table. Im truly sorry you dont have more faith in your fellow man some day maybe well see eye to eye . Till then be ready be straight be strong.

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You must have movie fanaties of what shootouts are really like.

I carry my pisotl to the movies now. 1 in the chamber, 17 in the magazine, and another 17 rounder on the belt.

You would destroy a whole industry, and any one who competes in semi auto shooting. Hell you just killed skeet and trap, which requires 25 rounds. And to get good enough with a rifle or shotgun to drop a deer at 300 yrds with one bullet humanely, you need hundreds if not thousnads of rounds of practice.. Shit my boy, it takes 25 rounds to zero a set of sights or a scope. Youd just have a bunch of untrained idiots wqith inacurate rifles, maiming and losing animals in the woods.

Read up on attacks by drug addicts and drunks. SOme of these took 5+ rounds to drop the freak.

Once again you would disarm law abiding citizens and leave them at the mercy of criminals that have unlimited resources and opportunities.

All legal machine guns are registerd with the BATFE, and are extremely expensive to own. They require a $200 tax stamp with fingerprints and photos of the purchaser.

That doosh in Colorado did not have a full auto weapon. Get your facts and do some research before you blurt out babble in the classroom.

Government dependant sheep think with their hearts and are influenced by factless based propganda,

Legal gun owners think with their brains. The cops are gonna protect me Mike? They get there 5 minutes after my wife gets raped, or i get assaulted on the street. I'll take my chances with my training,skill and situational awareness.

Oh and Trevon Martin assaulted Zimmerman. Zimmermans life was in danger, his head being pounded on concrete. YOu and others of the leftis persuasion were judge jury and hangman, convicting Zimmerman in the court of public opinion. You are responsivble for taintng the jury pool so his civil rights have been violated. Martin should have stopped and called the cops if he felt endangerd. More factless propoganda. You are smarter than that.

I'll give you Draconian all right.

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everything i've sited would not stop a law abiding person from having a gun in every pocket.

my belief is we need better controls and limits is all.

sean, i never said the col. guy used full auto. i said assault nobody needs those period IMO either.

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Hmmm,, I want more semi autos in my safe.

there is something like 2800 gun laws on the books in 50 states and federal law. decipher those first. and apply them.

only way your going to get what you want is if you confiscate and destroy every single fireamr on the planet. and then still again more, the only people that will have them are the evil ones the crooks the liars and the psychos. the guns that are registerd are done so by law abiding citizens. they can be racked downm and their doors kicked in during confiscation. the crook laffs next door and sits on his weapons in his bedroom. Cuz no one knows he has em. pretty simple logic.

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