Nickel Boron Plated Desert Eagle

Since there is already a primer on Nickel Boron platings in the Fail Zero review, we can jump right into this. Wanting to see how well nickel boron holds up in a heavy wear environment, I decided we needed to coat a pistol. Unlike most people I actually fire my Desert Eagle, and it hands down had one of the roughest finishes I had ever seen on a weapon.

Desert Eagle frame stripped all the way down including magazine release
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While I was not looking for a high polish chrome finish, I did not want something that did not try and pit and rust every time the weather took a turn towards the rainy side. Above you can see the stripped frame showing some holster wear as well as some wear under the grips. Even well oiled this weapons would show surface rust on humid days.

NIckel boron coated desert eagle frame
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After a solvent hot dip and an HCL bath, the remainder of the bluing was gone along with any light surface rust. On the beaver tail and above the grips there was some light pitting which I removed with a wire brush and 400 grit sand paper before giving it a quick media blasting and one last acid bath.

.440 desert eagle with boron coating
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Plated out to 0.0005" the frame looked completly plated. However on the frame itself I continued to plate out to 0.0010" as this is a high wear location and there were no clearance issues. On the rest of the weapon plating was stopped at 0.0005". The barrel and gas ports were plugged to prevent any issues there.

Deagle .50ae chrome, nope. Better its nickel boron coated
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After a light polish you can see the end results above. The finish came out uniform, and had the flat appearance I wanted thanks to media blasted finish of the metal. If a bright finish is desired that can be done also. Longterm follow ups will show how well this holds up. Operation wise the weapon is extremely slick feeling even with no lube. Cleaning it up now is a breeze and more importantly it shoes no desire to flash rust when it is humid.