Big Bore Rifle Dust Cover Modification

At the time of this article, there is no dust cover door that will fit a Satern modified Beowulf/SOCOM/Bushmaster upper receiver. This leaves you either running no dust cover at all, or dropping a lot of money to have one custom stamped. There is another option however. With a little time you can move the standard detent up, to make the MIL-SPEC cover work with your large bore rifle.

Standard ar15 dust cover
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With the dust cover removed, start by drilling out the roll pin. This is not as easy as it sounds due to the fact the pin is steel and the surrounding area is aluminum. With that said, take your time here. There is nothing you can hurt, but patience will save you a lot of frustration.

Drill out roll pin and repin
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In the images above you can see the detent removed. Be careful not to lose the spring that is behind it. Now, on the opposite side of the cover drill another hole for a new roll pin 1mm or .04" higher than the original hole. Reinstall the spring, followed by the detent, then set the new roll pin.

Sight gap on beowulf upper by satern
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Because the only modifications were done to aluminum pieces there is no need to touch up with any cold bluing. The image above was shot at a downward angle to over emphasize the gap, but it is there. For this reason I consider this a work around until someone produces a proper dust cover. Having said that, the cover does function exactly as it would on a standard rifle. It is not going to bounce open and is very secure.